CheetahFIX Limited was formed in 2012 as a joint venture between Tauri Software Systems and Rapid Addition Limited to establish an open FIX messaging network that would promote the use of the FIX protocol for electronic trading in South Africa. The Orb Network was created and deployed on a high quality fibre network and made easily available to the entire financial sector in South Africa. CheetahFIX will continue to develop and expand the Orb Network to provide unencumbered FIX based solutions to the important issues facing the South African financial market place.

It is our mission to provide open standards based solutions within a fair and transparent pricing structure. All clients' costs for using the Orb network will be calculated using the same rate cards.

Key information

Company Registration #: 8122729 (UK)
Support Email:
Support: +27 21 200 5897
Sales: + 27 21 200 5836