Service Providers can establish connectivity with any of the firms connected to the Orb network. This can be for the provision of products to be used by the firms directly, or as a service that runs by taking drop copies of the FIX messages as they pass through the Orb Network. This enables added value pre-trade or post-trade analytics for example.

Please contact us to discuss connecting to businesses worldwide who are not currently Orb Network clients.

How do I join the network....

The Orb network is an open FIX messaging network and can be accessed from any system that supports the industry standard FIX protocol for connectivity and message exchange. Please contact us for details of how to connect up to the Orb network from your specialist service provider systems and how the Orb network can support any custom messages or information that you would like to exchange over the network with your products or services clients.

There is a one-time fee for configuring connectivity with a service providers’ counterparty and thereafter a set monthly amount for maintaining connectivity with a counterparty. There are no transactional charges levied by the Orb network. There is a fair usage policy to ensure that no single counterparty connection disadvantages the other network users. There are no minimum charges applied.

Service Providers will contract directly with the Orb Network client for the provision of the Service Provider’s products or services.

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