JOHANNESBURG – 21st of January, 2015 - Maitland and CheetahFIX limited are pleased to announce the successful inter connection between Maitland and the Orb Network to enhance the financial trading services and counterparty connectivity available to both Maitland’s clients and the Orb network’s members. The CheetahFIX ORB Network offers clients the latest technology on a fibre network, while ensuring a versatile, cost effective solution for routing financial trading information in South Africa and across the globe using the FIX protocol.

JOHANNESBURG - Thursday, 13 February 2014 - CheetahFIX Limited is pleased to confirm that the Orb network is connected into London Stock Exchange’s FIX network LSEHub. This cross connection partnership, facilitates the extension of the Orb FIX messaging network across the South African financial trading community. Institutions and brokers will benefit from lower costs and a larger electronic network, ensuring that businesses in the region retain their competitive edge.

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