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All Orb network clients are allocated 5 free users on the uTrader buy side trading tool. Simply open your browser and point to https://utrader.cheetahfix.net and you will be ready to start trading electronically over the Orb network.

uTrader supports the origination and management of orders right up to the allocation of the orders post trade. It can upload baskets of orders via CSV files from standalone Order or Portfolio management systems or you can simply create a spreadsheet and upload that.

You can send an order and watch its progression from inception to completion without having to pick up the phone or use email.

For further information on the set of additional modules that may be added to the uTrader application, please contact us.

Key information

Company Registration #: 8122729 (UK)
Support Email: support@cheetahfix.co.za
Support: +27 21 200 5897
Sales: + 27 21 200 5836